Building Synergy for SHERA Distributors in Europe

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Synbuild Ltd is responsible for the business development and coordination of SHERA Representatives in Europe to ensure SHERA fibre cement building products are available all over the region. SHERA partners cover distribution in Ireland & the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Netherlands, the Baltic and Eastern Europe.


SHERA, (pronunced 'Share - Ra') is very well known throughout Asia as being the most innovative manufacturers of cement fibre building products in Asia, the Indian Sub Continent and the Middle East.

The effective SHERA partner network means they are supply a wide variety of high quality fibre cement building materials to the European region, such as fibre cement planks, cement fibre boards and fibre cement roof tiles, suitable for use in applications such as exterior / internal cladding, walling, ceiling, flooring and even roofing.

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