Building Synergy for SHERA Distributors in Europe

SHERA Ply - A Versatile Wood Panel Substitute

SHERA ply is an innovative, calibrated fibre-composite panel for all interior decorative applications, including ceiling, walls and built-in furniture. It is safe and environmentally friendly product,perfect for plywood replacement in interior decoration work.

This innovative product is safe, non-formaldehyde certified in accordance with Super E0 standard, resistant to water, fire and termites and has the possibility to contribute 10 LEED credits, which is the perfect solution for plywood and MDF replacement in interior decoration work.

SHERA, a regional leader in Fibre-Composite Solutions FCS™ in Asia, is considered an expert in technology related to international standard fibre cement. Our International Business Units have a wide fibre-cement roofing and wood substitute portfolio and are ready to support partners in strategic areas around the globe. 

We are convinced of the market size of wood-based material and increasing demand in the EU region; this presents enormous potential for a wood panel substitute such as SHERA ply.

SHERA Ply is being well received already in Asia. The SHERA showcase at THE ECONOMIC TIMES ACETECH 2012 stunned visitors from across India, South Asia and the Middle East with their official launch of the innovative fibre-composite solution (FCS) - SHERA ply, the new era of plywood and MDF board-substrate. 

And SHERA ply is already widely used in Thailand. Watch the video below to see innovative ways in which SHERA Ply is being used in Asia at the well known Hard Rock Cafe here in Bangkok.

What Advantages Does SHERA Ply Have Over Traditional Paneling Materials?

Choosing the rightmaterial is very important as it can save a lot of maintenance costs andother hassles over the duration of the product lifecycle.  Check out our blog for details of advantages of SHERA Ply over traditional wood panel systems.

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