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SHERA is the trading name of Mahaphant Fibre Cement Public Company Limited based in Thailand.  Established for over 40 years, Mahaphant are one of the largest manufacturers of fibre cement boards, siding and roofing and concrete roof tiles in the whole of Asia and export products on a global basis.

SHERA are proud of their innovative spirit and are renowned throughout the Asian region for continuously trying to improve their product range through a constant process of research and innovation.

SHERA Manufacturing Facilities

SHERA have five manufacturing plants in Thailand with another being established in India. 

The largest of the domestic plants is locate in Lopburi, about 3 hours drive north of Bangkok, covering 190,000 square metres and employing over 1,200 people. 

SHERA’s fibre cement manufacturing process utilises state of the art machinery and much ‘green technology’ to make the process as kind to the environment as possible, from noise reduction to waste management.

SHERA Lopburi plant is one of several throughout Thailand

SHERA Innovation

SHERA are renowned for their innovative spirit and are constantly pushing the boundaries of the applications of fibre cement in the building industry.

SHERA have a dedicated research and development team located at their Lopburi plant, who have at their disposal fully equipped laboratories and a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to the innovation of new ideas, materials, technology and even their own specialized production machinery. 

SHERA have over 40 research and development scientists

SHERA are proud of their reputation as a leader of innovation in the fibre cement industry in Asia. They were the first company to produce their range of Trilon roof tiles, the first to introduce the 35mm fibre cement stair. SHERA ply is an innovative product designed as an alternative to plywood and traditional interior paneling. 

The list of new products introduced by SHERA is a long one.

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