Building Synergy for SHERA Distributors in Europe

The SHERA Wood Range of products is a broad category of products that are designed to replicate, replace or improve applications involving natural wood. The Wood Range can be roughly split into several areas:


SHERA natural fibres bonded tightly in a wood grain siding acquires impressive yet remains flexible and dimensionally stable. lt is a cellulose-cement plank that contains absolutely NON asbestos fibre. SHERA simple handling and installation and is therefore suitable for even Do-lt-Yourself DIY) segment. It comes in several sizes and textures with a real remedy to wood-cladding houses which are severely affected by termites and humidity.


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Splendid or Shiplap Planks

SHERA splendid plank achieves beautiful aesthetic grooves on building walls with the edged profile of splendid siding.


SHERA splendid plank is another version of lap siding which stands up to the most demanding design. With SHERA splendid plank, overlapping installation will be very simple and efficient.


SHERA splendid plank comes with several options in edge profiling designs that not only provides innovative style into home designs but also long lasting and less worry from humidity, heat, salt spray and flying debris.


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Floor Planks

SHERA floor plank, originated from the concept of manufacturing environmentally friendly product, is offered through an insightful understanding of our consumer requirements. SHERA floor plank provides the best substitution to natural wood deck suitable for a wide range of looks, whether traditional, heritage or contemporary, making it a perfect alternative for residential or commercial buildings, offering choices of profiles and textures cassia and straight grain with top routing line (s). SHERA floor plank innate beauty, with added resistance to fire, termites and moisture makes it a highly suitable material for not only interior but also exterior flooring applications. lt can be fixed directly on either timber or steel frame.

Skirt & Laminated Skirt

A wood trimming substitution for Floor-Wall and Wall-Ceiling finish, SHERA skirt is an excellent alternative with beautiful carvings. It is long lasting and free from moisture and termites.

SHERA laminated skirt is another achievement of SHERA wood group that combines the advance fibre cement technology with the lamination
technology perfectly giving you the beauty of wooden look and various wood like colours. It can perfectly replace any wooden skirt and other types
of wood synthetic skirt, suitably fitted with floor-wall and wall-ceiling finish.


SHERA fence is an autoclaved cellulose fibre cement composite product that contains absolutely NO asbestos fibre. SHERA fence is designed for exterior use especially in calm to tropical climates. This new autoclaved version of wood-like fence acquires impressive
properties such as toughness, lengthwise stability, flexibility and weather resistance.

SHERA fence requires relatively low maintenance. SHERA fence is suitable for both residential and commercial segments of the market. 


SHERA strip is a unique fibre cement composite, specially designed for exterior ceiling application in calm to semi tropical climates.

It helps facilitating the wind flow and ventilation under the roof. It helps save energy consumption whilst enhancing the beauty of soffit lining. SHERA strip offers the distinctive look of wood with the low maintenance and durability of fibre cement composite. A variety of textures and profiles help almost any structure achieve charming architectural designs. 

For its strength, beauty, and durability, SHERA strip is simply the best choice for enhancing and protecting your home. SHERA strip can also be applied to wide ranges of decorative purposes such as louver, lattice, sun shade and fence to fulfil your design imagination.

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