Building Synergy for SHERA Distributors in Europe

Synbuild - SHERA Business Development in Europe

Synbuild is responsible for the business development and coordination of SHERA representatives in Europe.

We are incorporated in Cyprus, which is often seen as the gateway to Europe; Cyprus has long been home to a rich variety of cultures and influences from Europe and Asia.

Synbuild - Managing SHERA Business Development in Europe

Our office and team are located in Limassol in Cyprus and as a result we are able to provide SHERA with a physical presence in Europe to better serve their representatives in the region, frequently travelling throughout Europe to meet with them and devise the best ways to serve their needs. 

We handle the infrastructure required to coordinate between SHERA and an increasing number of partners in the rapidly growing European market.


Synbuild supports and 'builds synergy' between supplier and distributor, thus bridging the gap between the manufacturer, the distributor and the end user.

We have over five decades of experience in Europe and Asia and have developed deep rooted relationships with companies in the Asia region.  

Our team have a deep understanding of Asian culture culture and business customs and are even conversant in a number of Asian languages having lived in the region, such as Japanese and Thai. 

We have worked with our key suppliers, SHERA, based in Bangkok Thailand, for over 10 years. 

SHERA is one of the most well-known manufacturers of fibre cement build boards, planks and other fibre cement construction materials in Asia and we're proud to be working with SHERA as their key representatives in Europe.

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